Mail Zapper

Are you stuck with an annoying count at the Windows XP/Vista login screen saying how many unread emails you have? An example of how this can happen is when you have an email address only used for chatting on MSN. Or your children or a friend accessed their MSN account whilst you were logged on.

Mail Zapper has a quick look at the count whenever you log on. If it looks sensible, it just closes again and doesn't bother you. If it doesn't look sensible, it gives you the option of stopping the check of the email accounts Windows knows about.

Note that Mail Zapper does not remove those email accounts, and does not delete any emails. It only clears the counts from the accounts you tell it you don't want to be counted.

Mail Zapper is free, but if you like the program you can make a donation using PayPal...


Mail Zapper screen shot
Mail Zapper main window


OS compatibility

Mail Zapper is designed for Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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